Life Insurance

How will your family be taken care of if you were gone tomorrow?

That may seem like an ominous question to consider, but it is absolutely essential to make sure your loved ones will be taken care in the event of a personal tragedy.  It’s a terrible burden to ever lose a loved one in a family, but far worse to suffer that loss and the loss of everything you have built and saved for together.
Our life insurance professionals at can help you determine the right life insurance products for your specific situation.
Here are 3 main reasons to purchase life insurance.

  • Protect your loved ones.
    • Pay off your home.
    • Pay off bills and credit cards
    • Leave money for the future (college).
  • Protect and secure your business.
    • Protecting your business partner in case of sudden death.
    • Providing money to buy out partner’s family.
    • Provide money to replace a key employee.
  • Allows you to leave a legacy.
    • Allows you to leave a large sum of money tax free to children or grandchildren.
    • Allows you to leave a large sum of money tax free to a charity, church, or school.

Most people’s need for life insurance changes over time, depending on what stage of life you’re in.  It’s important to review your situation on a regular basis….before you have a change in your health.

Three commonly asked questions regarding life insurance:

  1. How long do I need to carry my life insurance?
  2. How do I determine if term insurance or permanent life makes more sense for me?
  3. How old can I be and still qualify for a policy?

At Globe, we offer life insurance products that will protect you and your loved ones throughout your life.

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